THE ROBERT MANRY PROJECT - Tinkerbelle Sails the Atlantic the story of a dream that came true


Tinkerbelle logbook cover

Logbook of Tinkerbelle

A transcription of the log kept by Robert Manry during his voyage in Tinkerbelle.
Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts to Falmouth (Cornwall), England.
1 June to 17 August 1965.


The following pages are a transcription of Tinkerbelle’s logbook, written by Robert Manry during his voyage across the Atlantic, from June to August, 1965. True to his thrifty and down-to-earth character, Manry used a common, spiral-bound 3-subject school notebook to record the events of an adventure he had dreamed of for most of his life.

The original notebook was donated by Robert Manry to the Western Reserve Historical Society. The Robert Manry Project gratefully acknowledges the assistance of WRHS in providing copies of the logbook, which was transcribed by permission of the author’s estate.

The text has been broken into eleven parts, each representing about one week of the voyage.

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